upcoming_a tribute to elvis, live in concert

9 August 2013_6 weeks

Stage Manager – A Tribute to Elvis, Live in Concert (Rapid City)

Bluestone Productions

This world-first production is a poignant tribute to the King of rock ‘n’ roll. This is no dime-a-dozen impersonator – here Bluestone Productions is faithfully recreating Elvis’ Rapid City performance from his last tour in 1977, which was recorded by CBS and aired 2 months after his tragic death.

Elvis’ very last performance, in Indianapolis, has still never been released for home viewing – and a live recreation of any part of the 1977 tour has never been attempted before. I am honored to be making my public stage management debut with such an exciting, touching and ambitious production.

upcoming_phantom of the opera

14 April 2013_6 weeks

Stage Crew – Phantom of the Opera

CLOC Musical Theatre

I am thrilled to be involved with CLOC’s upcoming production of the classic Phantom of the Opera. I first saw Phantom when I was only 12 years old, and it is not an understatement to say that this experience is what planted the seed of theatre under my skin. I knew the moment I saw the chandelier rise up off the floor and bring that haunting world to life, that I wanted to make other people feel the way I felt that night.

By joining CLOC’s dedicated stage team, I am have finally come full circle in this dream. I am ecstatic to be able to play even a small part in creating that world on stage that so captivated me, and help to fully realise that vision right down to the last chandelier crystal.

upcoming_nmit live music

5 April 2013_1 off show

Stage Manager – NMIT Live Music Performance

Yarra Edge Music Centre

As part of my studies, I will be stage managing a group of up to 20 music performers, coming together to put on a show and jam for their fellow students. With multiple performers, assistant stage managers and lighting operators to coordinate, it should be a hectic day with plenty of challenges.

debrief_the evelyn hotel

3 March 2013_4 weeks

Lighting Operator – Evelyn Hotel

Each Monday in March, I was able to support a band residency in rigging, plotting and operating their lights during the performance. It was a great experience with some interesting challenges, including working with the band members to accurately realise their lighting design using only the equipment we were provided by the venue. On one occasion we had only 30 minutes to bump in, plot and focus due to a booking in the venue immediately before our gig, which was an excellent experience in ensuring a high quality production under extreme time pressure.

Using an Axiom 12/24 lighting desk, the lighting team were able to collaborate with the band and also include our own lighting ideas. Together we were able to create a dark, moody and atmospheric surrounding, with contrasting blasts of hot amber light at pivotal moments in the music.

As the month progressed and I became more comfortable with the board, I was able to experiment with programming subs and chases in addition to simple busking. The final performance was a great culmination of our previous experiences, with the lighting team hard patching key lights together to ensure a balanced coverage of light and also working with the AV screening of a video clip to launch the band’s new single. It was an excellent experience and a fantastic first foray into the world of lighting.

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