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15 March 2013_1 off show

Lighting Operator – NMIT Live Music Performance

Yarra Edge Music Centre

As part of the lighting operation team for this week’s live music performance, I was able to assist with the design and realisation of the artists’ lighting requests during the show. Some artists had provided us with performance plans, noting what lighting effects they wished to use and assist us with  creating the right feel on stage for their particular pieces of music. Other artists did not produce a plan, so we were required to interpret the appropriate lighting for their performances in real time as they played.

By using various mechanisms during different performances such as programming different feels onto sub-masters, and using the chaser effect, and considered use of the followspot we were able to create interesting and effective lights depending on the mood and the requests of the performer.

My favorite experience was interpreting the last minute request of a band who had bought some of their own effects, such as a smoke machine and strobe light. Despite never having heard the song before, and not having the opportunity for a technical rehearsal, I followed their 1-page of typed instructions live as they were performing. At the crescendo of the music, a heavy rock song, I had to time a complete blackout to perfectly coincide with the blasting of the strobe light – an effect I pulled off perfectly, resulting in the surprised cheering of everyone in the audience (and all of us in the bio box as well!).

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