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“It’s about one moment. It’s about hitting the wall and having to make a choice,  or take a stand, or turn around and go back… The moment you think you know where you stand, the things that you’re sure of slip from your hand, and you’re suddenly a stranger in some completely different land.”

– Jason Robert Brown

I’m extremely excited to be involved in Oxagen’s production of the wonderful Jason Robert Brown musical, Songs for a New World. 

Described as an abstract musical or a series of independent scene-songs, the narrative of Songs is connected by the concept of the “one moment” where everything changes – for good, bad or completely unknown, and the series of each character discovering and confronting their respective new worlds. Ranging from the jazzy attitude of cabaret, to the incredible swelling harmonies of gospel, Songs is a journey in turn uplifting and tragic, with an overwhelming sense of the strength of the human spirit to overcome.

Songs for a New World will be performed at The Open Space theatre on July 11 – 13. Tickets can be purchased here.

debrief_nmit live sound

19 & 20 June 2013

Sound Operator_Greensborough NMIT Auditorium

My first semester of study culminated with two days of mixing sound for our sister campus’ student recitals. This was an excellent experience, as our course at Fairfield has not yet afforded us much hands-on sound mixing experience – while we get the full responsibility of operating the lights and stage management, our campus has a full time sound course which means those students operate sound at our weekly music performances.

That all changed this time, and over two days we had a whirlwind rotation of mixing/recording sound, lights and performing stage crew tasks as the music students performed their major recital assignment pieces. We had a wide range of music to mix, from single microphone vocal performances, to full bands with piano accompaniment, to an oboe player who did not want to mic’d up at all, which all produced their own unique differences in how to mix properly.

I really gained an appreciation of the varied nuances of balancing a mix with such a wide range of different instruments and vocals. From the very fine line between making a bass guitar solo stand out, to ruining the subtlety of the instrument and just making it sound muddied and distorted; to the incredible range of the human voicebox and how to complement a voice with the slightest touch of reverb, I really feel like the penny dropped for me during these performances. From the hands on (but still theoretical) lessons in class, to the real world application at end of this semester, I’m confident I can be an asset to the bands I’ll be mixing for in the future.


debrief_nmit live music

14 June 2013_1 off show

Lighting Operator – Yarra Edge Music Centre

It has been a while since I have had the opportunity to operate lights for our weekly music performances at NMIT, so I was glad to be back in the hot seat. We had an eclectic mix of music to light; a Balinese gamelan performance, a set of several different guitar ensembles, and two acapella vocal groups.

We had an excellent lighting rig to work with, with colour filters and gobo textures added to the ceiling rig, and a clever  set up of floor electrics incorporating some truss bars. By angling blue and pink filtered lights inwards towards the truss, and attaching additional fixtures on the top cord of the truss, we achieved a striking effect on the stage. With some haze added to the room we were able to create some fantastic combinations and quite a wide range of looks to match the mood of each different performance.

The styles played were all quite subdued this week. With various styles such as baroque and classical guitar pieces, I didn’t feel it was appropriate to busk light or colour changes during the songs as we usually do with the more rocking/jazzy type of performances. This was an interesting challenge, as it meant I focused on finding a particular look that felt appropriate for the piece, but that also would be compelling enough to stand alone for the entire performance, without “distractions” (as much for the lighting operator as the audience!)  such as chasers or other FX.

upcoming_the music man


I am thrilled to be assisting talented director and set designer Richard Perdriau with OSMaD’s upcoming production of Meridith Wilson’s The Music Man.

For more information regarding auditions and performance dates, please refer to OSMaD’s website here.