upcoming_beauty & the beast


I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be involved in set painting for the upcoming St Leonard’s College production of Beauty & the Beast.

An incredible design by the talented Crissane Fox sees a 3-level modular set transform from the lovely township that the adventurous Belle calls home, to the ominous and isolating castle that the Beast imprisons her within.

I am loving the various challenges that come with each stage of painting – from achieving interesting textures on the large panels of set, to the intricate and fine weaving of a vine motif connecting the various locations. I’m looking forward to being able to start to add the fine detail to the painting and seeing the final product of our hard work!

Tickets for St Leonard’s production of Beauty & the Beast can be purchased here.

songs for a new world_images

Our incredibly talented cast and production team are hard at work rehearsing Songs for a New World.  Have a sneak peak at the images below!

Songs will be performed at The Open Space theatre on July 11 – 13. Tickets can be purchased here.

All images are copyright Oxagen Productions 2013.