debrief_gaga and assange

Like a phoenix, rising from the ashes…

What a fantastic, hilarious, poignant, irreverent experience this was. Three sold-out performances was tragically far too few for this tour de force of everything from serious political commentary to hilariously satirical (and genuinely catchy!) Euro pop anthems.

Using a Prelude 16/30 followspot mounted on a T-bar in the bio box, I had an absolute blast tracking the irrepressible Laura Raiti embodying Lady Gaga whenever she was overcome by song in the claustrophobic confines of Julian Assange’s refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy of London. It was a great challenge for me lining up the followspot ready for Gaga’s bouyant and dance-filled numbers. Working with Lighting Designer/Operator Will Pennington was a great experience, with the contrast of Julian’s starkly lit office and Gaga’s colourful, crazy, music video-esque forays into song was just a joy to watch and to contribute to.

I wholeheartedly hope this show rises like a phoenix from the ashes and is restaged again for a longer season!

publicity_gaga and assange

In an unprecedented bit of publicity for an amateur show, the Wikileaks Facebook and Twitter team have mentioned the run of Gaga and Assange to their millions of followers worldwide.

And as if it couldn’t get any more epic than that, Julian Assange himself went on to plug the gig on a live video Q & A session for “Assange: The International Enigma” at RMIT. Amazing!

upcoming_gaga & assange

Image courtesy of KIN Collective Inc.

Image courtesy of KIN Collective Inc.

I am very happy to be Followspot Operator for KIN Collective’s upcoming satirical musical, Gaga & Assange

August 23 – 24
The Guild Theatre, Melbourne University

Lady Gaga is afraid. After accidently giving an STD to the world’s most famous hacker, Julian Assange, she thinks he might vengefully leak the sex tapes. To make amends, she turns up unannounced to the Ecuadorian Embassy with a plan, a plan to help him escape. But Julian doesn’t want a bar of it, not even a swath of her best europop anthems will ease his hurt. But as she refuses to leave and he can’t, deadlock ensues. What follows is a romp of epic pure-pop proportions. And when egos clash so do dogmas. The result: pandemonium.

Gaga and Assange is a new play with songs by William Hannagan, acclaimed writer of HouseWarming (**** The Age) and Until Tomorrow (**** Theatre People), and will be performed as part of Mudfest 2013. The play is a hypothetical romp laced with club hits, Europop anthems and moving piano ballads in the style of Mother Monster herself, drawing on themes of hypocrisy, tolerance, censorship and the cult of celebrity, all the while holding its tongue firmly in its cheek.

Featuring the incomparable Laura Raiti as Lady Gaga and the devilish Christopher Runciman as Julian Assange.

Gaga’s Dancers: Loretta Morrison, Erin Luisa
Book, music and lyrics: William Hannagan
Co-directors: Jeremy Russo, William Hannagan
Choreographer: Charlotte Tooke
Production Manager: Jeremy Russo
Stage Manager: Chenez Dyer Bray
Assistant Stage Manager: Corey Koeleman
Costume Designers: Hannah Cantwell, Sabella Dsouza, Sooah Jee
Set Designer: Julian Bettoli
Assistant Set Designer: Ariana Starr
Lighting Designer: Will Pennington

With all original tracks produced by Thomas Honey Hanning


Friday August 23, 8pm
Saturday August 24, 2pm
Saturday August 24, 6pm


Adults                        $15
Concessions             $10

To purchase tickets, please click here.

Presented by the KIN CoLaboratory, our Melbourne Uni Student Arm as part of MUD FEST 2013 with assistance from the University of Melbourne Theatre Board Theatre Board.

debrief_hot shoe shuffle

What a fantastic experience this was! By far the biggest show I’ve been involved in, the Maj team were like a well oiled machine with Sound, LX and Mech all working autonomously but side by side to bring the show together and transform the space in 48 hours.

Working within the LX team, I had the opportunity to patch huge fixtures I had never seen before such as 45kg VL movers, help put together towering LX ladders, pull cable into the sky high fly towers and help rig up 19 mirror balls (including one that was 5 feet wide!) – and so much more. The show was definitely the most elaborate and involved that I’ve had the opportunity to work on, and the end result was absolutely stunning.

Working with the Maj and production technicians was inspiring and I’d like to thank everyone I worked with for their knowledge and enthusiasm. A special thank you to Tech Manager Matthew Peckham for having me on board, and I can’t wait to see everyone again for bump out!