debrief_hot shoe shuffle

What a fantastic experience this was! By far the biggest show I’ve been involved in, the Maj team were like a well oiled machine with Sound, LX and Mech all working autonomously but side by side to bring the show together and transform the space in 48 hours.

Working within the LX team, I had the opportunity to patch huge fixtures I had never seen before such as 45kg VL movers, help put together towering LX ladders, pull cable into the sky high fly towers and help rig up 19 mirror balls (including one that was 5 feet wide!) – and so much more. The show was definitely the most elaborate and involved that I’ve had the opportunity to work on, and the end result was absolutely stunning.

Working with the Maj and production technicians was inspiring and I’d like to thank everyone I worked with for their knowledge and enthusiasm. A special thank you to Tech Manager Matthew Peckham for having me on board, and I can’t wait to see everyone again for bump out!



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