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THE TRAGEDY OF LUCRECE by ENZO CONDELLO world premieres in Melbourne Fringe Festival ’13.

Based on Shakespeare’s poem, The Rape of Lucrece, Enzo Condello dramatizes this epic moment in Roman history with the deft hand of a master playwright hailed as ‘Shakespearean in stature.’*

Familiar with tragedy in his own life, writer Enzo Condello, is the brother of the murdered gangland identity, Mario Condello.

Enzo Condello’s play, established in an historical trajectory of treachery and violence, is a dark and provocative exploration that identifies Lucrece as a metaphor for political change. ‘The is a play about hope in that this heinous act altered the course of Roman history,’ said Condello.

With a fine body of work behind him, including The Nero Conspiracy and Shakespeare and the Dark Lady of the Sonnets (selected for 2005 VCE Literature), Condello’s new work takes up where Shakespeare left off.

 Condello has the courage to put on stage what Shakespeare left in a poem.

Directed by Brenda Addie, the cast is headed by Jamaica Zuanetti as Lucrece, Liam Gillespie as Prince Tarquin, and Sebastian Bertoli as Lucrece’s husband, Collantine.

The Tragedy of Lucrece opens on Sept 19 – 6 Oct at the Richmond Library Theatrette, 415 Church Street, Richmond.

*Simon Piening – Australian Stage

Further information and photo opportunities: Chay Moran  – 0421 168 260

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