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I am thrilled to have commenced as full time technical supervisor for the Mahon Theatre, Ringwood.

The Mahon Theatre is a 300-seat venue built in 1996 with assistance from Commonwealth Government funding. The theatre was designed to cater for both the students of Aquinas College, and as a performance space for local community theatre.

I will be managing the space under the direction of YourShow, a full service production company. We encompass all aspects of technical production including sound and lighting, as well as stage management, set design and construction for any production – professional or amateur, school or community, indoor or outdoor, high or low budget.

The Mahon Theatre is available for public hire, and is the busy host to a wide variety of dramatic, dance and music performances. Should you require further information or wish to discuss hiring the Mahon Theatre, please don’t hesitate to contact me on


Width: 9.6m (total width of timber floor)
Depth: 10m (Cyc. Wall to front of apron)
Height: 4.2m (Floor to Proscenium)
4.0m (Floor to Prosc. Border)
Floor: Sprung timber, black masonite.
Cyclorama: Height 4.2m, width 9m filled eye white cloth.
Tracks: 5 Tracks, 20m long, 5 pick-ups per track (500Kg)
Stage Cloths: Red front curtain, manually operated
Red proscenium border
4 x pairs of black legs (wool)
2 x pairs of black travelers (wool)
4 x black wool borders
1x white sharkstooth gauze
1 x black sharkstooth gauze
All legs are hung on swivel brackets

All fixtures unless otherwise stated are manufactured by SELECON.
12 x 600 watt Strand SL wide angle profile spots
6 x 1000 watt narrow Profile spots
8 x 650 watt Profile Spots
8 x 650 watt P.C. – Convex Spots
12 x 650 watt Fresnel
6 x 500 watt Triple Cyc.
20 x 1000 watt ALFA parcans
1 x Mirror Ball
FOH Bars: Three bars available.
Stage Bars: Six bars available.

1 X NEXO Sound System
1 x 40 Channel Alan & Heath GL3300 Mixing Console
1 x Dennon Dual CD Player
1 x Denon 790R Cassette Deck
1 x Sony mini disk recorder
1 x ARX DI6s 6 Channel DI Line Splitter
1 x ARX EQ60 Graphic Equaliser
1 x XTA Electronic GQ600 Graphic Equaliser
1 x Sony Multi Effects Processor DPSV55M
1 x ARX Single / Dual Channel Enhanced Compressor Limiter
4 x Audio Technica Shotgun Microphones
2 x Shure SM91 Plate Microphones
6 x Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone
4 x Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone
6 x Sony Hand Held or Body mics

Talkback –
1 x Creative Audio Master Station (situated on stage O.P.)
3 x Squawkboxes
4 x Beltpack (cabled)

gaga v assange_media

Not only was this a show which will make you laugh, it will also challenge you intellectually. Hannagan as a librettist and composer is quite talented and he knows how to present themes which are deep and turn them into a digestible musical banquet.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars – SameSame review

What really makes this piece sparkle is the music. Brilliantly written, both lyrically and musically, the songs would not feel out of place on a genuine Gaga album…

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars – ArtsHub review

GAGA V ASSANGE is an excellent piece of fringe-style musical comedy, a fun and rollicking experience that depicts two of the most relevant and important personalities in the world today.
GASHE Review

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