homos in kimonos_media

Some of the evening’s funniest moments were when Will slipped into tales of real-world experiences from his time spent in Paris, to a few truths about his life with his boyfriend. His show jumped between personas: he has a deep obsession with and love for his drag-alter ego, Mother Marxist, which must ultimately be destroyed in an unexpected twist of crowd participation.

– Jessica Cornish, Theatre Press


Both Halloran and Hannagan are talented. From start to finish they display a vocal range that leaves you in awe, with the natural acoustics of the venue accentuating every note. For this alone Halloran and Hannagan are worthy of an appreciative audience. Even if you do not fully pick up the subtleties of their story, or if you are not a drag-connoisseur, there is still enough in this show to enable you to appreciate it as a performance. The holistic experience is sufficient to make the visit worthwhile. With such a pairing of a unique venue and two very unique performers, Homos in Kimonos provides an opportunity for a different kind of performing arts experience

– Brett Considine, Broadway World