upcoming_wot? no fish!!


24 February – 8 March

The Malthouse Theatre

Wot? No Fish!! turns the Solomon's strange and wonderful history into a humorous and heart-warming narrative for all ages.

In 1926, London shoemaker Ab Solomons drew a little doodle on his wage packet and gave it to his young wife Celie. Over the next 60 years, he would repeat this gesture each week, documenting the day-to-day goings-on of their growing family, while every token was tucked away in a shoebox by Celie. After Ab’s death this long-forgottentreasure trove of deeply personal cartoons was discovered by his great-nephew Danny Braverman.

In this intimate one-man performance, Braverman decodes his great-uncle’s drawings to reveal the inner life of a family. Births, deaths, war and the sublime act of two people growing old together are lovingly illustrated with humour and honesty.

Like Ab’s doodles themselves, this absorbing and personal feat of storytelling draws us into the unique language of family.