Athena Theatre Services is the endeavor of Chay Moran, a lifelong theatre enthusiast, who got a bit lost on the way to her dream career. After a decade of corporate and blue collar administration and office management, she has finally jumped ship and is pursuing her passion in the grand arena of the theatre.

With an administrator’s mind and a bohemian spirit, Chay is happiest being able to tackle the technical and organisational aspects within the creative space.

Chay has completed her Certificate IV in Live Theatre Production (Technical Operations) at NMIT, and in addition to her studies holds multiple technical licences including First Aid Level 2, EWP and HRW (DG). After spending a number of very successful years freelancing as a venue technician, mechanist, and stage/production manager, she is thrilled to be joining the bluebottle team full time as their Operations Manager.

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