upcoming_they saw a thylacine


Malthouse Theatre

15 September – 4 October

They Saw a Thylacine  on the brink of extinction. Out of the darkness, Sarah Hamilton and Justine Campbell conjure the ghost of one of Australia’s lost beauties, the thylacine. With all the suspense of a campfire story, these feisty, funny women weave a lyrical tale of adversity and extinction.

For this thylacine tracker and this zoo keeper’s daughter, it’s a quest not just to protect a threatened creature, but themselves. Rebellious and gutsy, these women face life and  fight to survive.

upcoming_a social service


Malthouse Theatre

11 – 29 August

A Social Service should help people, shouldn’t it?

Featuring Nicola Gunn and David Woods, this smart performance sticks its nose into the gap between rich and poor, and smells something funny. Prepare yourself for an in-your-face look at systems that claim to help the needy, but only help themselves. In a send-up of greed, status and the machinations of power, Gunn and Woods take a satirical look at the state of the public housing system, and the developers and bureaucrats who control its future.

Questioning who these safety nets are really there to benefit, A Social Service digs at a reality more concerned with replicating itself than improving the situation. When the people at the top have no understanding of ordinary worries, needs or wants, maybe their help is the kind we’d be better off without.

upcoming_meme girls


Malthouse, Beckett Theatre

8 April – 2 May

Meme Girls / construct their identities in real time – and demand an audience.

Experience the sort of post-gender, tongue-in-cheek spectacle that has made Ash Flanders a counter-culture hit. In Meme Girls, this pop-culture addict points his satirical sense of humour squarely at the desperate voices crying out for attention in our online neighbourhood.

Packed with the LOLs of a great cat video, this non sequitur performance embraces the YouTube world, where life is ‘click-bait’ and views, shares and likes equate to happiness. Blurring the lines between performance art, drag and cabaret, Flanders presents a love letter to the bizarre and addictive women of YouTube who / broadcast their lives to an online abyss.