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Will Hannagan & James Halloran in Homos in Kimonos.

As part of the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, two of Australia’s hottest young cabaret icons come together for this camp-as-tits double bill. Joined by their shared love of gaudy Japanese outerwear, Will and James will perform two glorious cabarets for the price of one.

In James and the Halloran coy James plays unwitting host to a show-stealing, sparkling vaudevillian: The Halloran. Brisbane-born James makes his Melbourne debut, stealing the stage with his soaring counter tenor; his cabaret-opera inventions capturing the carnal and the weird.

In Highs, Lies and Shoestring Fries! Will’s abusive tryst with his brash and bolshie drag alter ego Mother Marxist, leads him to a narcissistic plan of self-commodification and fanciful fashion delusion. Joined by Bluegrass band the Scrimshaw Four this is a quipster cabaret of cold war proportions.

Their alter egos in tow, these two homos — who just love their kimonos — promise you a sinister night of sordid cabaret bliss.

For more information, visit Kin Collaborative or simply buy tickets direct from the MICF website!

upcoming_gaga & assange

Image courtesy of KIN Collective Inc.

Image courtesy of KIN Collective Inc.

I am very happy to be Followspot Operator for KIN Collective’s upcoming satirical musical, Gaga & Assange

August 23 – 24
The Guild Theatre, Melbourne University

Lady Gaga is afraid. After accidently giving an STD to the world’s most famous hacker, Julian Assange, she thinks he might vengefully leak the sex tapes. To make amends, she turns up unannounced to the Ecuadorian Embassy with a plan, a plan to help him escape. But Julian doesn’t want a bar of it, not even a swath of her best europop anthems will ease his hurt. But as she refuses to leave and he can’t, deadlock ensues. What follows is a romp of epic pure-pop proportions. And when egos clash so do dogmas. The result: pandemonium.

Gaga and Assange is a new play with songs by William Hannagan, acclaimed writer of HouseWarming (**** The Age) and Until Tomorrow (**** Theatre People), and will be performed as part of Mudfest 2013. The play is a hypothetical romp laced with club hits, Europop anthems and moving piano ballads in the style of Mother Monster herself, drawing on themes of hypocrisy, tolerance, censorship and the cult of celebrity, all the while holding its tongue firmly in its cheek.

Featuring the incomparable Laura Raiti as Lady Gaga and the devilish Christopher Runciman as Julian Assange.

Gaga’s Dancers: Loretta Morrison, Erin Luisa
Book, music and lyrics: William Hannagan
Co-directors: Jeremy Russo, William Hannagan
Choreographer: Charlotte Tooke
Production Manager: Jeremy Russo
Stage Manager: Chenez Dyer Bray
Assistant Stage Manager: Corey Koeleman
Costume Designers: Hannah Cantwell, Sabella Dsouza, Sooah Jee
Set Designer: Julian Bettoli
Assistant Set Designer: Ariana Starr
Lighting Designer: Will Pennington

With all original tracks produced by Thomas Honey Hanning


Friday August 23, 8pm
Saturday August 24, 2pm
Saturday August 24, 6pm


Adults                        $15
Concessions             $10

To purchase tickets, please click here.

Presented by the KIN CoLaboratory, our Melbourne Uni Student Arm as part of MUD FEST 2013 with assistance from the University of Melbourne Theatre Board Theatre Board.

upcoming_hot shoe shuffle


I’m absolutely thrilled to be working at Her Majesty’s Theatre as bump-in crew for the upcoming Australian musical Hot Shoe Shuffle.

Originally conceived, directed and produced by David Atkins OAM in 1992 it was choreographed by both Atkins and the now world-renowned tap choreographer Dein Perry. It chronicles the story of seven brothers who are left with a fortune after their father passes away. To receive the money however, the brothers must learn and perform their father’s legendary tap routine, the Hot Shoe Shuffle together – along with their completely dance-challenged sister.

Hot Shoe Shuffle runs throughout August, commencing on August 9. Tickets can be booked through Ticketek here.

upcoming_beauty & the beast


I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be involved in set painting for the upcoming St Leonard’s College production of Beauty & the Beast.

An incredible design by the talented Crissane Fox sees a 3-level modular set transform from the lovely township that the adventurous Belle calls home, to the ominous and isolating castle that the Beast imprisons her within.

I am loving the various challenges that come with each stage of painting – from achieving interesting textures on the large panels of set, to the intricate and fine weaving of a vine motif connecting the various locations. I’m looking forward to being able to start to add the fine detail to the painting and seeing the final product of our hard work!

Tickets for St Leonard’s production of Beauty & the Beast can be purchased here.

upcoming_songs for a new world


“It’s about one moment. It’s about hitting the wall and having to make a choice,  or take a stand, or turn around and go back… The moment you think you know where you stand, the things that you’re sure of slip from your hand, and you’re suddenly a stranger in some completely different land.”

– Jason Robert Brown

I’m extremely excited to be involved in Oxagen’s production of the wonderful Jason Robert Brown musical, Songs for a New World. 

Described as an abstract musical or a series of independent scene-songs, the narrative of Songs is connected by the concept of the “one moment” where everything changes – for good, bad or completely unknown, and the series of each character discovering and confronting their respective new worlds. Ranging from the jazzy attitude of cabaret, to the incredible swelling harmonies of gospel, Songs is a journey in turn uplifting and tragic, with an overwhelming sense of the strength of the human spirit to overcome.

Songs for a New World will be performed at The Open Space theatre on July 11 – 13. Tickets can be purchased here.


NMIT may be on it’s first term holiday break, but the show(s) must go on!

Technical rehearsals are commencing this week for CLOC’s Phantom of the Opera, with the large crew team becoming familiar with the set  pieces and the many different changes required.

Preparation also continues for the upcoming Elvis Live in Concert tribute, with performers being fitted for costumes and musicians fine tuning the musical numbers.

As the saying goes – no rest for the excited theatre technician!

upcoming_a tribute to elvis, live in concert

9 August 2013_6 weeks

Stage Manager – A Tribute to Elvis, Live in Concert (Rapid City)

Bluestone Productions

This world-first production is a poignant tribute to the King of rock ‘n’ roll. This is no dime-a-dozen impersonator – here Bluestone Productions is faithfully recreating Elvis’ Rapid City performance from his last tour in 1977, which was recorded by CBS and aired 2 months after his tragic death.

Elvis’ very last performance, in Indianapolis, has still never been released for home viewing – and a live recreation of any part of the 1977 tour has never been attempted before. I am honored to be making my public stage management debut with such an exciting, touching and ambitious production.