upcoming_L U C I D


Chunky Move

26 May – 19 June 2016

Heroes, icons, imagined worlds and censored dreams. We relentlessly create, monitor and edit our own image in response to an abundance of references and influences. In a hyperconscious world, how do we define ourselves?

Chunky Move presents the world premiere of L U C I D, an intimate work for two performers, multiple cameras and a screen, which interrogates how we imagine and reconstruct our identities.

A new work by Artistic Director Anouk van DijkL U C I D sees performers Lauren Langlois and Stephen Phillips travel to places where they can be all that they desire, fear or censor. Shapeshifting in and out of other people’s skins, they confront themselves in reflections of others.

L U C I D reveals the many faces we present to the world; a culmination of the carefully crafted or those released by fearless abandon.

upcoming_depth of field


The Malthouse Theatre

6 – 14 March

Depth of Field is summoned from the twilight in a cascade of simultaneous realities and chance encounters.

The change of light over an hour is a movement in time. A chance meeting in the street switches our focus in a blink. We experience these phase shifts every day, but they pass by without notice.

Malthouse Theatre and Chunky Move invite you to an outdoor performance event – a playful and poetic interaction between three dancers and a city. Amidst the performance, as daylight blends into darkness and the city changes tempo, awareness of everyday life shifts to reveal the unseen.