upcoming_melbourne black


Kin Collaborative 

December 2015 – March 2016

Melbourne Black is a sexy, witty, glamorous new Australian dramedy about Generation Y in Bourgeois Bohemia.

 Throughout 2014 Collaborators and BFFLs Siena Stone and Will Hannagan set to making a pilot for a series that parodies contemporary Melbourne life. With the help of over sixty creatives volunteering their time, Melbourne Black came to fruition with the pilot launching online in December 2014.

 The plan now: to get the whole series produced. Melbourne needs this series more than its inhabitants need smashed avo and three flat whites to make it past noon. Season one entails eight web episodes. Our pilot functions as both a teaser and a pitch. If you are a broadcaster, arts body or just an everyday philanthropist who enjoys binging on stylish Melbourne dramedy send an enquiry our way to melbourbourneblack@kincollaborative.com